The Self Employed Program :


  1. The Federal Self Employed Class The self employed class is geared towards applicants who have relevant self-employment experience as well as the intention and the ability to create their own employment and make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or athletic life of Canada, or to create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada.


A successful applicant is one who has at least two years of experience in the period beginning five years before the date of the application and ending on the day a determination is made on the application, in self-employment in cultural activities or in athletics; participation at a world-class level in cultural activities or athletics; or farm management experience.


To qualify, the applicant must demonstrate a sufficient financial net worth which, although somewhat less than an entrepreneur and not specified in the regulations, should enable the applicant to be self-employed in Canada and make a significant contribution to specified economic activities in Canada and to meet the initial settlement requirements for the applicant and accompanying dependants.


2. The Quebec Self Employed Program Self-employed applicants are assessed in Quebec under a point system. To qualify, the self-employed must have two years of applicable experience, possess a personal net worth of $100,000, have sufficient settlement funding and will come to Quebec to create employment for the applicant by practicing a profession. Successful unmarried applicants must obtain 40 points out of a possible 84 points on pre-selection and 50 points out of a possible 94 points on selection. Married applicants must obtain 48 points out of a possible 101 points on pre-selection and 58 points out of a possible 111 points on selection.

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