Visitor Visa

Visitors Visa Program:

A Visitors Visa is a visitation permit allowing the applicant to enter into the country for the purpose of visiting the country. With the exception of Visa exempted countries, applicants who are citizens of such countries are not required to have a TRV.The TRV is a document issued by a Canadian Visa Office outside Canada, showing that the holder has satisfied the requirements for admission to Canada as a visitor. TRVs may be for single entry or multiple entries. As a general rule, tourists are admitted for a period of six months. Temporary foreign workers and international students are admitted for varying periods of time, as determined on a case-by-case basis. Extensions may be applied for within Canada.However, possession of a valid TRV does not necessarily mean that the Immigration Officer at the Canadian Port of Entry will admit the visitor into Canada. At the Port of Entry, all visitors must demonstrate that the purpose of their visit to Canada is of a temporary nature. Canadian Immigration Officers at the Port of Entry will deny admission to all persons who, in their opinion, do not intend to leave Canada at the expiry of their visitor status.In addition, criminality and medical issues may prevent a visitor from entering Canada. Visitors to Canada must also be able to prove their ability to support themselves during their intended temporary stay in Canada.The above facts are simply a high level overview of the Visitor Visa Program, please contact our office a free and confidential assessment of your case scenario.

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