Student Visa Program:


A Student Visa is a study permit allowing students to enter into the country for the purpose of a full time study in a recognized educational institution.


To qualify the applicant must complete the following:


  1. Attain a letter of acceptance from the school they will be attending


  1. Show proof that they have the financial means to pay tuition and their living expenses


  1. Complete a medical clearance if they live in a country considered having a high rate of infectious disease.


  1. Show proof that they will return to their home country after their studies are completed


  1. Have basic knowledge of the French or English language


  1. If they are attending school in the Province of Quebec, they must also apply for a Certificate d’Acceptance from Quebec


Students do not need a study permit if their course of study is six months or less.


Students are allowed to work in Canada under several circumstances, including: on campus employment; and one year of post-graduate employment, which must begin within 60 days of graduation. Spouses and common law partners (including same sex partners) of foreign students can obtain work authorization for the entire period of the student authorization.


Students who have studied for at least two years in Canada can apply for two years of post-graduate employment. This is only available to students whose university was not located in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, and whose employment is not in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver


Students can also apply for study permits to work off campus after attending school full-time for six months. The permits allow off-campus employment in any job for 20 hours a week during school, and full time when school is not in session.


The above facts are simply a high level overview of the Student Visa Study Permit Program, please contact our office a free and confidential assessment of your case scenario.

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